Xposed for Lineage OS – Development Status, Updates and Downloads

xposed for lineage os

Update: Xposed for Lineage OS 14.1 (Android Nougat) is available now, we have updated Xposed download links for Lineage OS 13 and 14. We will keep you updated once Lineage OS 15 based on Android 8.0 Oreo gets Xposed support.

Xposed framework is one of the main reasons many people root their Android devices. It’s the ultimate Android app/framework you’ll ever need on your Android device. The Xposed framework will unlock the doors to the world of unlimited possibilities. Unfortunately, the Xposed framework is not yet available for Android Nougat and above versions. So, the question we’re frequently getting is “will there be Xposed for Lineage OS 14.1?” The answer is YES!!!

Xposed for Lineage OS 13, 14, 15

  • For Marshmallow based Lineage OS 13 – Download Links Available [See Below]
  • For Nougat based Lineage OS 14 – Download Links Available [See Below]
  • For Oreo-based Lineage OS 15 – Development in Progress

Xposed is a very complex framework for Android devices with root access. It provides a horde of possibilities on Android device that you’ll get your favorite features in any ROM. The best part is that you don’t even need to write a piece of code or compile/decompile an APK. The Xposed framework will do everything for you without messing up the apps. It’s as easy as installing an app and activating it.

Android Nougat has brought many changes to the Android ecosystem and it’s really hard for the developers to cope up with never-ending changes. The jump from Marshmallow to Nougat was a major one when it comes to technicality. There were a lot of things modified in the latest ART version and it’s making hard for the Xposed developer “rovo89” to make a stable Xposed version for Nougat. Many people were worrying if they’ll ever see Xposed on Nougat. Particularly, Xposed for Nougat has become a new question in everyone’s mind.

The Xposed developer has recently shed hopes on Nougat support when he said he’s still working on it and didn’t give up. According to him, the update still needs time and he’s working as much as he can on the Xposed integration to Nougat. Currently, the developer is working only a few hours (5 hours as per his update) a week on the Xposed project and he said it would take hundreds of hours to bring Xposed to Nougat.

So, you can still keep your hopes on Xposed for Lineage OS 14.1. We’ll update you on the Xposed build status and downloads actively on this page.

How to Install Xposed on Lineage OS 13 & 14

In this article, we will show you how to install Xposed framework on devices based on Lineage OS 13 and 14. Follow the steps carefully and enjoy the flexibility of Xposed modules on your Android device.


  • You need a rooted device to install Xposed on Lineage OS. You can learn how to root Lineage OS here.
  • You also need to install a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM.
  • Check your CPU architecture using any 3rd party app like CPU-Z. It should be something like ARM or ARM64 or x86.
    CPU-ZCPUID Tools FreeDownload


Download the Xposed Framework Zip according to your OS version and CPU architecture.

Download the Xposed Installer app to manage Xposed modules.

Installation Procedure

  1. Download the Xposed framework for your device based on the CPU architecture and OS version.
  2. Reboot your device into recovery mode.
  3. Install the downloaded Xposed framework ZIP file from custom recovery.
  4. Once installed, reboot your phone. If your phone is stuck in boot loop, flash the Xposed uninstaller from the downloads to fix it. A boot loop is mostly due to choosing an incorrect Xposed ZIP file.
  5. After the reboot, install the Xposed installer app on your device.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the Xposed framework on your device running Lineage OS.

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