Lineage OS Released New Mascot and VoLTE Support

Lineage OS VoLTE Support

Lineage OS has completed a 3 month journey and covered a lot of devices. The Lineage OS team and developers have been exceptional in providing regular bug fixes and updates. Finally, the Lineage OS team has released the official Lineage OS mascot and details regarding VoLTE Support on all devices. The Mascot was named as “Ink” and bears the shape of a squid with the Lineage OS logo inside it. Before we talk about anything else, take a look at the Official Lineage OS Mascot.

Lineage OS Mascot


VoLTE Support on Lineage OS ROMs

After the growing popularity of 4G services, VoLTE has become a much-needed feature. We’ve been getting loads of messages and mails regarding the VoLTE Support on Lineage OS ROMs. Finally, we heard some good news and want to share with you. Lineage OS team will roll the VoLTE feature to all the officially supported devices from next week. The VoLTE will be rolling out to all devices, regardless of hardware support. So, wait until the next update and you can enjoy the VoLTE services on your Lineage OS powered device.

We are expecting the VoLTE feature will come included in the next nightly builds. We will keep a close eye on the VoLTE updates on Lineage OS and will address any issues with VoLTE. So, bookmark our page for more updates about Lineage OS Volte support.

Apart for the VoLTE support, Lineage OS team has also announced the experimental “Aqua” protocol. The WiFi and mobile data will now use the Aqua protocol to make data transfers super-duper fast. Signal strength is the only dependency for this protocol. We have to wait and see how this will boost the network speeds and performance.

So, how many of you’re eagerly waiting for the VoLTE support on Lineage OS ROMs? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Lineage OS Blog


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