[Dirty Flash Alternative] How to Install Lineage OS Without Losing Data

dirty flash alternative lineage os

Many Android devices are receiving Lineage OS ROMs either officially or unofficially. One of the most asked questions is whether or not to dirty flash Lineage OS over CyanogenMod ROM. As Lineage OS is almost similar to CyanogenMod, many users would like to dirty flash the ROM, but we would warn you against it. Don’t dirty flash Lineage OS over CyanogenMod ROM just for the sake of app data.

You can dirty flash Lineage OS over CyanogenMod but it’s not recommended as it may not function properly. The System files might not get properly updated which can cause heating issues, boot loops, battery drain and many issues. Most people dirty flash ROM just to retain app data so that they don’t need to configure everything again. Well, you can do it using popular apps like Titanium Backup. Today, we’ll show you how to install Lineage OS without losing data.

Note: Using Titanium Backup app is perfectly safe but some apps may not be functioning properly after restoring. You may need to uninstall those apps and re-install again.

 How to Install Lineage OS without Dirty Flash S

  1. Download the Titanium Backup app from Google Playstore.
    Titanium Backup ★ rootTitanium Track Tools FreeDownload
  2. Open the Titanium Backup app and it will ask for root permissions. Grant it.
  3. If it says busybox not installed, install it from the below link.
    BusyBoxStephen (Stericson) Tools FreeDownload
  4. Click on the batch operations icon (checklist icon) on the top right side of the screen. Here, click on the “Backup all user apps” option. You’ll see a list of all apps on your device, select all the apps you need to backup. Now, click on “green arrow” button to start the backup process.
    backup apps titanium backup
  5. Once the backup is complete, reboot your device to recovery mode and clean install Lineage OS on your device. You can follow our installation guide from here.
  6. Complete the initial setup on Lineage OS ROM. Then, root it using this tutorial.
  7. Enable Unknown Sources on your device, navigate to Settings » Security » check Unknown Source box.
  8. Now, you need to install Titanium Backup app from Playstore.
  9. Open the app and click on batch operations icon » Restore all user apps » Select the required apps » click green icon to confirm.
    restore apps titanium backup
  10. The apps will automatically install one-by-one. You may need to confirm app installation.

Titanium backup app will restore the data on your new ROM without the need for a dirty flash. This method is safer than a dirty flash but some apps may behave weird. Reinstalling them will fix the issue and we hope losing few app’s data is not a big deal.